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i solemnly swear that i'm up to no good.

full disclosure : i have a lingerie online shopping problem. i love it. and i want it all- in every color. lol free shipping if i spend 100$?! -pshh. challenge accepted! so when i stumbled upon this little harry potter number while looking for pieces for an upcoming client, i knew i just had to have it for myself AND add it to my rebel client closet!

i'm a huuuge harry potter fan (but who isn't, really??) i have my own yew wood wand from ollivander's and i've been sorted into hufflepuff. (and, yes, i know these are gryffindor photos, but you have to admit; the look is hawt) :)

i thought i would have time at a recent session to have my latest client in this piece but, alas, the clock ran out. so, the next morning - all inspired - i put on some eyelashes, shoved my hair into a messy pony and got out my tripod for some harry potter self portraits! within the hour, i had just over 100 usable shots and deemed my own mini session complete.

i've gotten so much love over these photos in the last 24 hours; i honestly had no idea i would get this reaction. and i am so humbled by all the support i've received from posting them.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING HARRY POTTER BOUDOIR : when you book me for a session, just let me know your house and size and i can make sure to have the piece ready for you when you show up for your shoot! we can make it one of your outfits! for size reference, i am in a S (31C-22-33) the last photo is what all the house lingerie looks like! i also have two different wands we can use for props.

to my tog friends who want more info on process, i use a sturdy, metal tripod and a 10 second timer (literally push the shutter - run - pose!) 5diii // 35 1.4 @ f/4 // ISO 1600!


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